Silver jewelry

-Polish your jewelry preferably after each use or once a week to take care or the natural tarnishing. You can use the POLISHING CLOTH or the POLISHING CREAM that cleans, polishes and protects at affordable price. CHECK THIS OUT IN THE PAGE.

Other ways to take care of your silver jewelry 925 is using:

1-Mild soap (with no bleach) and warm water, rub with a soft brush or sponge, pat dry or let air dry

2- Make a baking soda rub and gently rub on jewelry, rinse with warm water, pat dry or let air dry.



-LOTIONS, OTHER PERSONAL PRODUCTS, CONTAMINATION AND SWEAT may interact with the jewelry, and could cause it to tarnish faster.

-DO NOT USE abrasive chemicals such as bleach or other cleaning products while wearing it.

-Do not wear in saltwater pool or ocean.


-PH of every person varies from one to another, and could interact with silver jewelry and cause to tarnish faster.

-FINE PIECES THAT ARE THIN WILL COULD BE MORE LIKELY TO BREAK, rather than thick pieces. Is up to you how you choose to care for your jewelry.

—Preferably store your silver jewelry away from other type of jewelry. Also you could place it in small bags (after being cleaned) with zip lock,  and not air inside. This helps prevent chemicals or contamination to interact with your silver jewelry to tarnish it faster.


CLEANING AND CARE ARE OPTIONAL, you decide how to care and handle your jewelry. For this matter JEWELEV is not responsible for damages due to MISUSE/MISCARE.